An Accountability Partner, Your Secret Weapon for Improving Your Writing Productivity

I love having an accountability!!

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I’ve written before about how I need deadlines to keep me motivated.  I’m very goal oriented, but if there’s no one to hold me accountable, it’s easy to put things off.

Back in June I emailed a fellow romance writer about becoming accountability partners. Jen and I are in similar places in our lives. We are both married with older children. We’re writers, but we’re also entrepreneurs wearing too many hats. We write, but we drive hither an yon, and juggle multiple commitments. We have works in progress and someday (preferably sooner rather than later) we want to be published.

Our process is simple. Once a week (usually Sunday) we exchange emails summarizing what we accomplished last week and outlining what we plan to accomplish in our fiction projects this week.

Examples of tasks include

  • Write 3,000 words
  • Edit 3 chapters
  • Research a medical malady for a…

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